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Superior Control Panel Building 

  Control panels are the heart of your machine. They need to work. But we don't stop there. In every aspect of your product, you need to be proud of it. Elevate your game. Don't settle for function.

Field Wiring and Machine Integration

  Ugly control panels can hide. Your field cables can't. We offer only the best in field wiring and machine integration services. Stop letting your equipment look like it rolled off the top bunk.


Support On Demand

  Expedited service is not an option, it's our standard. You call, we're there. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction, and work diligently to ensure it. Serving is a privilege and we do so with integrity.

Installation Assistance

  A strong foundation is essential for success; Relationships are the key ingredient. You have customers because your products are great. Allow us to accompany you in giving them a one of a kind experience. At PanelFlow, our crew is your crew.

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